My Puppy Photo and Another

About Me

Hi,my name is Hector,but everybody call me Guk.

I am living in Russia,Moscow, with 3 hosts.I have a lot of toys and funny moments.I like to eat, walk, watch movies and complete tasks,but my favorite hobby is bark.

I was born 4 years ago, at November 7. For my every birthday, my hosts give me a big bone and eat this bone all day. This is heavenly pleasure.

In this blog,i want to tell you,what happened with me and what happaning with me now, in coronavirus time.

Have a good time here!!!

About my hosts

As i already said,I have 3 hosts.Their names:Marina,Artem,Yaroslav.I will tell you briefly about them,now.

Marina.Most famous in our family,like "mama".I don't know,why kids call her that,I call her "free food".Because she always give me food from table.

Artem.This is his name and hi has not any nicknames,but i called him "Doter",because he always play Dota 2

Yaroslav.I called him "screamer".He always scream to the monitor and i don't know why,because monitor do nothing in response to his screams.

My story

>Since childhood I was a stray dog,my family and I, searched food on streets or begged from people.This went on until I was 4 mounths old.People searched us and cought.We rode in the back of a car,along other dogs.We arrived at some strange place.There were many dogs and some kind of devilish entities in the form of cats.People took me and my sister to some enclosure,to other dogs,but my mom, but my mother went somewhere and I never saw her again.

After a mounth of stay in the aviary,I communicated well with other dogs,we played all day long, sometimes people came to us and took one of us.In one day 3 people come to us,they looked at me for a long time and I knew that that meant.Thet meant,that these people will be my hosts and that I have to say goodbye to my sister.And so it happened.They took me and carried me into the car.We went to my feature home,but along the way we drowe somewhere.There were a lot of people....and food.We bought A LOT OF FOOD and mini sfa for me.

When we came to home,I felt bewildered.I needed to get comfortable.Fortunately, food and mini sofa rushed to the rescue.I immediately cheered up and was ready to do great things,because of that we went for a walk.

When we came from a walk,I decided to meet a new habibat.I sniffed everything.And the computer smelled the best that is why I decided to get know these better.So I learned how to use it and started keeping a diary,which hut on this blog.

And so you will find out,how I lived and living in this family.